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9 year old Alvar raised over €12000 as a tribute to his cousin

Last year, nine-year-old Alvar Landén decided to fundraise in honour of his cousin Märtha who lost her battle with cancer. She passed away in the summer of 2016 after a hard battle with the illness. Alvar decided to complete a sponsored 100km cycle ride in five days in memory of his cousin. 

Never before has Team Rynkeby - God Morgon had such a young Platinum Sponsor. Alvar Landén was just nine when he reached the amount needed to land a Platinum sponsor spot on Team Rynkeby - God Morgon’s cycling apparel. His fundraising target was €200. He raised over €12000 in total!

For cousin Märtha
In August 2021, 9-year-old Alvar kicked off his fundraising for the Childhood Cancer Fund, through Team Rynkeby - God Morgon. Every day for five days, he cycled 20km, ten circuits of a headland near his home in Eksjö, while encouraging people to donate to the charity. With the help of his mum, Mia Einarsson, he used social media for his fundraising.

His motivation was his cousin Märtha, who fell seriously ill with cancer in 2015 and passed away just a short time before her 13th birthday.

‘He hoped to raise €200 but I wasn’t so sure and thought that I could just donate the money myself to support his idea. Before Alvar set off, I posted on

Facebook about donating a couple of euro to his fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Fund. We hoped some people local to us would notice and they did. The first donations came in during Alvar’s first lap and after that it quickly took off! His phone didn’t stop pinging, it was crazy,’ explains his mum, Mia Einarsson.

‘Soon Alvar had met his €200 target and the money kept coming in. Alvar continued cycling, the project featured on the radio, in newspapers and on the internet as well as the Children’s Cancer Fund gala on Channel 5,’ mum Mia Einarsson continues.

Inspired by Märtha’s dad
In 2017, his cousin Märtha’s dad, Oskar Lindholm took part in Team Rynkeby - God Morgen Jönköping, where he and the team cycled all the way to Paris with the aim of raising as much as possible for the Children’s Cancer Fund.

The year before, his 12-year-old daughter had suddenly become ill with leukaemia. During the summer of the same year, she and Oscar decided together that he should register with Team Rynkeby - God Morgon, as soon as she was well again.

‘Märtha had MDS, a form of leukaemia. She went through two bone marrow transplants which had a huge effect on her immune system. She didn’t die of cancer but of pneumonia which she picked up when her immune system was low. Unfortunately, her body couldn’t fight it,’ her dad, Oskar Lindholm tells us.
Sadly Märtha never got to see her dad cycle to the French capital. Her fight came to a tragic end when she passed away on the 1st August 2016. Seven days later would have been her thirteenth birthday.

100km in five days
Nine year old Alvar was inspired by Oskar’s cycle ride to Paris. But there was another source of inspiration at home. The charity fundraiser, Pierre Mörck, cycled from Boden to Trelleborg for the Movember Foundation and spent the night with Alvar’s family in Eksjö along the way. After hearing about Pierre’s journey, Alvar wanted to do the same - just closer to home.

Impressed by the initiativeMärtha’s dad praises Alvar’s initiative and is pleased to see how it has captured people’s imagination.

‘It’s fantastic that he has got so engaged with this and that he feels that even though he’s quite young, he can contribute and make a difference. Both local papers and the Aftonbladet have reported on his fundraising which is just brilliant. Even though he is young, I think he knows that what he is doing makes a difference, explains Oskar.

‘As Alvar said himself when he was asked why he had done the cycle ride, ‘Children should be healthy, not sick,’ says Mia Einarsson.

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