Team Rynkeby founder is shaking up everyone: The Paris Trip never took place

TR Press IS - 01-04-2020

Team Rynkeby founder is shaking up everyone: The Paris Trip never took place

Whereas everyone thought that Team Rynkeby were toiling away on the highways and byways to Paris, the truth of the matter was that the charity team did nothing of the sort: In fact, all they did was to ride, at a leisurely pace, to a summer house in all secrecy. This disclosure comes out in a big feature interview with Knud Vilstrup.

”None of us were in shape to ride a bike all the way to Paris. The story about our annual Paris trip was just a joke that went out of control.”

This is the devastating news from Knud Vilstrup, Team Rynkeby founder, in a big feature interview in today’s version of Fyens Stiftstidende.

According to the ex-operator at Rynkeby Foods, all the Team Rynkeby cyclists did was to click into their pedals in downtown Ringe, where Rynkeby Food is headquartered, and leave town to the standing ovation of family and friends.

But instead of cycling more than 1200 km to Paris, the team, in all secrecy, pedalled some 50k, at a leisurely pace, northwards headed for Hasmark Strand in Northern Funen where they had a good time playing cards and talking walks on the beach for a week, says Knud Vilstrup to the newspaper.

The participants in no way wished to cheat or hurt anyone, he emphasises.

- You know … you only have three weeks’ holiday and a whole lot of obligations. And, believe me, it was a whole lot easier to tell the wife that you were going to spend a week cycling to Paris for a good cause than trying to get her permission to spend a week with a group of friends in a summerhouse, explains Knud Vilstrup.

Telling lies for six years
The trips to the summerhouse took place over a period of six years, from 2002-2007. At that time, Team Rynkeby had become so big that it was difficult to keep the trips secret.

- It was great fun as long as we could pass under the radar and nobody knew who we were. We edited ourselves into photos from Paris while spending time on the Hasmark beach and telling the 12 o’clock news how tough it was and how sore our butts were. But suddenly, a lot of famous people wanted to participate. From then on, it became a lot more difficult to pretend being on a bicycle trip to Paris while standing on a beach in Northern Funen eating a four-ball ice-cream cone with the Danish Minister of Health, says Knud Vilstrup.

Private photo: The bad conscience lights out the "bike friends" before leaving for the summer house.

In 2008, the friends saw no other way out than to undertake Team Rynkeby’s real bicycle trip to Paris – this time without a cycling Knud Vilstrup.

- At that time, my wife firmly believed that I had taken the trip six times. I could therefore join the service team with a good conscience while the other maniacs were slaving away on their bikes, he says.

Shocking news
CEO of Team Rynkeby Foundation, Carl Erik Dalbøge, is deeply shocked at this new information.

- I had absolutely no idea. This information is completely new to me and it does put the whole project in a very bad light: For almost 20 years, we have been telling the same story about the fantastic beginnings of Team Rynkeby and then everything proves to be one big joke. I’m simply shocked, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

The CEO of Team Rynkeby Foundation does not wish to answer questions regarding the 20th anniversary of Team Rynkeby scheduled for next year until he has had the opportunity to discuss the new information with Team Rynkeby’s Board of Directors.

Private photo: One of the many counterfeit pictures that the bicycle friends made from the summer house on Nordfyn.

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