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Team Rynkeby establishes new team in Belgium

Team Rynkeby will be on the world map with its ninth country this autumn. This time it is Brussels in Belgium, which gets its local team Team Rynkeby-Granini Brussels led by team captain Morten Petersen.

The European charity cycling team Team Rynkeby continues its efforts to establish more teams in several countries to raise money for children with critical illnesses. It is now a fact that Team Rynkeby in the coming season will get a team based in Brussels, Belgium, as well. The team will be named Team Rynkeby-Granini Brussels, and the team captain will be the local resident Dane Morten Petersen, who on a daily basis, is an independent consultant. Now he, supported by the Team Rynkeby Foundation, is in the process of building up the team, so that it will consist of completely new Team Rynkeby participants as well as some experienced Team Rynkeby riders. That is why Morten Petersen also encourages former Team Rynkeby riders to sign up to support and contribute to the new team.

“First and foremost, it is always a fantastically exciting project when we enter with Team Rynkeby in a new country, and it is also a vital part of the project's strategy that we get more teams in more countries. The goal for us at all times is that we can help as many critically ill children and their families as possible. With Morten, we have got a strong and locally based person to lead our new team in Belgium, ”says director of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, Carl Erik Dalbøge.



A physical challenge with larger purpose
It was actually Morten Petersen himself who in the autumn of 2020 contacted Team Rynkeby to hear about the possibilities of starting a team up in Belgium. The Dane wanted to give himself a physical challenge and at the same time support a charitable cause. Those wishes fell completely in line with Team Rynkeby's strategy of expansion in several countries, and therefore the parties found each other relatively quickly.

“I always have been biking, so I see this as an exciting opportunity to challenge myself physically and combine it with charity, which is Team Rynkeby's DNA. I am very much looking forward to being part of a community where together we make a difference for others, while at the same time doing something good for ourselves, ”says Morten Petersen.

So far, he is acting both country manager and team captain for the Belgian team, which over time is expected to be split into several teams around Belgium.

Supports two local organizations
In addition to training and getting ready for the trip to Paris, the participants must help raise money for two organizations in Belgium.

Belgium consists of a French-speaking and a Flemish-speaking part, respectively, and is therefore culturally relatively divided as a country. Team Rynkeby Belgium has therefore carefully chosen to raise money for two organizations acting on both sides of the language line. One organization is The Belgian Kids' Fund for Pediatric Research, which raises money for PhD students. It makes it possible to support individual projects within different types of childhood diseases.

The other organization is Kick Cancer, which does a great deal of work in childhood cancer research with a special focus on clinical trials.

“Brussels is centrally located in Belgium, which is why we have chosen two relatively small organizations with a full focus on childhood illnesses research, which target both the northern and southern parts. It will be fantastic to raise money to help children with critical illnesses and in that way make a difference, ”says Morten Petersen

The plans are in place
Although it is a long time before the first trip takes place, Morten Petersen has already made the team's route to Paris. Of the almost 1145 km, the Belgian team will drive almost 1000 of them in France.

The team travels from Brussels via Dijon to Paris and gets about 11,000 altitude meters on the journey over seven days of an average of 160 km. Among other things, it gives them the opportunity to ride the EuroVélo cycle routes.

Before the trip begins, however, the participants on the Belgian team must first train during the winter and spring of 2021/2022. Here, Morten Petersen expects the team to bike approximately 150 km a week together, when they receive the official yellow bikes.

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