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Team Rynkeby celebrates its history with anniversary clothing

Team Rynkeby sets the scene for its 20 year anniversary in 2021 with a simple and elegant jersey that in the most beautiful way illustrates the history of the project, the community across countries, and celebrates local donors and supporters. 

When Team Rynkeby celebrates its 20th season on the road in 2021, thousands of participants from thirteen European countries will be united in wearing an exclusive anniversary jersey that commemorates the history behind this charity project and its exceptional community. 

The cycling clothing producer Xtreme, in collaboration with Team Rynkeby, has created an elegant and stylish jersey that puts the spotlight on the anniversary with a specially designed twentieth anniversary logo for the occasion and a Team Rynkeby logotype. 

“We had a strong wish for the coming season to mark our anniversary with a unique kit of new cycling clothing and a distinct visual identity in the form of the new anniversary logo with the number 20 and the Eiffel Tower.  When I see the result today, I really think we have accomplished what we set out for with a kit that is both simple and elegant, one which both commemorates our history and is a celebration of our anniversary and community. We have had a fantastic cooperation with Xtreme on the design. They deserve high praise for the cycling clothing,” says Team Rynkeby Foundation CEO Carl Erik Dalbøge. 

Anniversary logo and focus on donors
The new anniversary logo has been given a distinct spot on the right side of the chest below a special edition of the Team Rynkeby logotype, which will be given a redesign in the coming season. At the same time the anniversary logo will appear in numerous small watermarks on the rest of the jersey. 

Space has been made on the jersey and shorts for no less than 61 local donors, one of which will be given a new “prime spot” on the left side of the chest immediately under the national charity organizations of the project in the participating countries. The prime sponsorship spot will be given to a donor, that, for instance, has been especially generous, has been a part of Team Rynkeby for many years, or in one way or another deserves the highly sought after position.

Donors are the backbone of Team Rynkeby and our work and efforts, and it is therefore essential that we represent them on our clothing. This year, we also have the opportunity to include more donors than ever before and can highlight and celebrate one particular sponsor with this spot on the left side of the chest,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge. 

A community with local roots
While last year’s jersey clearly marked the home country of the riders, the indications of nationality have become more discreet on the new clothing. On the other hand, national background has been emphasized in four places: on the collar, on the one arm, on the back and on the bib shorts with a little highlighted flag among the series of participating countries. Additionally, the local team is indicated on both collar and arm.  

“Our participants value being able to show which country they are from. As one sees at international football games, a tradition has grown around exchanging jerseys when the riders arrive in Paris after some tough days in the saddle. We also know that the teams wish to show the name of their teams. In this way the clothing both feature our great community and the local starting point”, says Carl Erik Dalbøge. 

You can see the jersey here:

The anniversary bicycle is also on its way
Unlike the cycle clothing, next season’s bicycle from Bianchi remains pretty much the same. A couple of minor changes have, nevertheless, been made. On the suspension fork a small EU-flag has been added, which symbolizes the pan-European team. The seat post has been upgraded as well, making it easier to adjust. 

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