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Corona situation forces Team Rynkeby to shift gear from Paris trip to national tours

The corona situation across Europe has forced the charity project Team Rynkeby to shift plans from cycling to Paris to local big national tours in the participating countries.

In the middle of July, more than 2500 cyclists and volunteers representing Team Rynkeby was expected to reach Paris in an effort to collect money and raise awareness for children with critical illnesses.
But for the second year running, the charity cycling project’s Tour de Paris has been cancelled due to the corona pandemic.

Today, the board of the Team Rynkeby Foundation decided to cancel the trip instead of further delaying a final decision. The board found that the Tour de Paris couldn’t be carried out in a responsible manner and in line with the corona guidelines of the respective countries, and
the decision was made on the unanimous recommendation from the project’s country managers.

“This is by no means what we as a joint project had hoped for. We had all looked very much forward to the trip to Paris, especially after last year´s cancellation. But we cannot in any way jeopardize the health and safety of our great participants or the people, we meet on our journey. As of now we don’t think it is a likely scenario we can carry out the trip in a responsible manner in July. Therefore, we have come to the conclusion to cancel our Tour de Paris,” Team Rynkeby Foundation Chairman, Ivan Thyregod, says.

With 59 teams in eight countries, it has become evident over the last weeks that all participants cannot be vaccinated in due time. And creating a corona bubble with adequate testing procedures while cycling through different countries with different restrictions and guideline is practically impossible without jeopardizing what Team Rynkeby considers responsible, Ivan Thyregod explains.
At the same time the corona situation is challenging, especially in Germany and France.

“With all the uncertainty, we’re facing due to the virus, our decision making also relies heavily on a wish to make sure our participants will have an experience for life and we’re able to continue putting children with critical illnesses on the agenda. So we’re shifting our attention to a national tour setup. Making this decision now will make all 2500 participants and their families able to plan their summer better and the major logistics surrounding this move has been looked at already, but now needs to be firmed up,” Ivan Thyregod continues.

Teams will go on national Tours
After last year’s cancellation, a repeat has been a likely scenario in the project protocol. Therefore, the Country Managers in the eight countries already have advanced plans for the teams to go on national tours in their respective countries in week 28. These national tours will of course be designed in line with whatever restrictions, the different countries could face during the summer.

This setup is hugely important to continue the charity work. No matter the destination, the heart and soul of Team Rynkeby is the support and fund collection for children with critical illnesses and their families.

“I know I speak on behalf of every participant, when I say, we had hoped for another outcome. But we have been preparing this situation for quite some time, as we knew it could be a probable scenario, so I’m confident, the participants will have an amazing experience doing their national tours. I’m also confident, the participants yet again will show the true Team Rynkeby spirit and what they are truly made of. During the corona pandemic we have been challenged in so many ways, but our participants just keep working in order to collect funds for children with critical illnesses in new and corona friendly ways and setups. It’s amazing, and I tip my hat to everyone for their efforts,” Carl Erik Dalbøge, CEO of Team Rynkeby Foundation adds.

During its 20 years, the project has raised more than EUR 60 million for children with critical illnesses.

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